rude_waif (rude_waif) wrote in ed_jokes,

NEW COMMUNITY - unconditional acceptance and support

hey everyone,

i'm a veteran/recovering bulimic, very open and very human. i've made a new community, bulimia is my area of expertise and thus the community is more oriented towards bulimics of all kinds, but EVERYONE is welcome and i encourage anyone to start posting whatever they like or feel they want to. this is a new stage if you want to have a voice...the community is for ALL STAGES of the disease, whether you're just coming out of denial, you're not ready to let go of the disease but you'd like to talk about how it affects you, you're scared and feeling out of control, you're concerned that the disease has become part of your identity or a treasured stability, you're in recovery and actively fighting the disorder...or if you're just looking for friends and unconditional support, and acceptance. it's brand new, so...give it a chance : )

lots of love...

rude_waif <3
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