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making jokes about eating disorders' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
making jokes about eating disorders

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Кремлевская диета таблица продуктов [14 Mar 2010|06:30pm]

Здравствуйте все,

Я хочу представить вам блог о похудении, в котором вы найдете много интересной информации о диетологии, правильном здоровом питании, рецепты здоровой пищи, описания различных диет и многое другое. Заходите, адрес - диеты и похудение. Сейчас на блоге есть интересное описание кремлевской диеты, а самое главное есть таблица продуктов для этой диеты, в которой все разложено по полочкам и вы можете с легкостью подобрать себе продукты для любого меню, ссылка - кремлевская диета таблица продуктов.

Сам я на кремлевке худел в течении полугода и вполне успешно, мой вес за это время снизился на 45 кг! со 135 до 90 кило.

Жду вас на блоге, спасибо за внимание и успешного вам похудения.
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Logical to me! [22 Mar 2009|01:23am]

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[20 Jul 2008|05:26pm]


More under the cutCollapse )
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The Best Equipment To Cook With [09 Jul 2008|07:07pm]

Many people take for granted what high quality cooking equipment can do for their cooking. Often, they may shop for the latest gadgets which end up collecting dust on the shelf. Or, people may decide to economize, buying at the lowest price possible for all their cooking equipment. It is ironic, that the second choice is for the purpose of saving money, yet usually ends up costing more in frequent replacements.

What can first rate cooking equipment do for your cooking? Here are a few ideas to help you determine what the best equipment is for you.

Determine What You Need

The key to figuring out what cooking equipment to buy is to know what type of cooking lifestyle do you have. Do you often cook daily or just on weekends? While, what you like to cook is important, how much and how often will you be preparing your meals, directly affects the type of cooking equipment that you will require.

For instance, take a two parent family, with active, young teenagers. Their meal preparation needs to be done as fast as possible, made with healthy food and use only a few dishes for easy cleaning up. This family would do well getting simple, multi purpose cooking equipment. But, a mom that bakes for her weekly club meetings, would want to use big baking pans with nonstick surfaces. A standing mixer would be a perfect piece of cooking equipment for baking. By considering your lifestyle of cooking, it is easier to determine what equipment will serve the best.

Look At The Chefs

By looking at what professional chefs have in their kitchens, you may see a lot of what you can cook with as well. Lots of famous chefs sell their own type of cooking equipment. If you plan to match their recipes exactly, their cooking equipment and supplies might work best for you. Of course, you first can try a less expensive version of their brand, and see if it does the job equally as well.

What To Cook

When you have the opportunity, what would you fix in the kitchen? The right cooking equipment for you is also about what you love to make. If fancy, stuffed crab, is what you really enjoy, you will require the appropriate utensils to make that dish. But, if Italian food is more your style, then some pasta cooking pots and strainers would fit your cooking taste. What type of cooking you will do the most often, will determine what will be your most valuable cooking tool.

Look For Discounts

It is always great to get a discount. You should try to ask what is on sale or has a discount off its normal price, as much as possible. However, just because something is inexpensive, is not a good reason alone, to it buy it. Remember, that you are trying to find items that are fairly inexpensive and are still constructed with high quality materials.

For more information and tips on to how to buy the best cooking equipment, you can easily find an ebook on the Internet, that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about cooking, but never dared to ask. Best of cooking to you!

About the Author: Tom Straub is a accomplished editor, and publisher of the Best Cooking Light web site, where you can read more on outdoor cooking and a dozen other cooking topics.

Ok. dangelo sandwich shops
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[02 Jul 2006|06:53pm]
Sorry, but the previous link about Britney was wrong. Here is correct one...

[08 Mar 2006|08:55pm]


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[05 Feb 2006|05:40pm]
Image hosting by Photobucket
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new member [14 Dec 2005|04:41pm]
[ mood | amused ]

yea i'm new here & i thought i should start off with a funny picture

i don't know if it's all ready been posted but....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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[29 Sep 2005|07:57pm]

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hah. [28 Sep 2005|05:21pm]

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NEW COMMUNITY - unconditional acceptance and support [11 Jul 2005|02:41pm]
hey everyone,

i'm a veteran/recovering bulimic, very open and very human. i've made a new community, bulimia is my area of expertise and thus the community is more oriented towards bulimics of all kinds, but EVERYONE is welcome and i encourage anyone to start posting whatever they like or feel they want to. this is a new stage if you want to have a voice...the community is for ALL STAGES of the disease, whether you're just coming out of denial, you're not ready to let go of the disease but you'd like to talk about how it affects you, you're scared and feeling out of control, you're concerned that the disease has become part of your identity or a treasured stability, you're in recovery and actively fighting the disorder...or if you're just looking for friends and unconditional support, and acceptance. it's brand new, so...give it a chance : )


lots of love...

rude_waif <3
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cus its not so funny.. [23 Apr 2005|03:05pm]
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[22 Apr 2005|12:19am]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[04 Apr 2005|09:36pm]

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[04 Apr 2005|09:34pm]

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maybe someone somewhere here will find this interesting... [07 Jan 2005|04:37pm]
hello! my name is ben or trent or whatever,
and i have just started a new community on livejournal entitled catchphrases.

the idea of it is to get people from all over to come together
and share the catchphrases that they find themselves using in their own lives.

membership is at an all time low, meaning just me as of this post...
but i have big plans and even bigger dreams for it!

so if this sounds interesting to you, please join
and post any catchphrases you regularly hear or say,
and maybe someday we can have, like, 10 members,
and then we can all get some new phrases in our lives.

thank you for your time.
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Please post up your history. [10 Jun 2004|12:43pm]

Pretty - and oddly enough nothing like meI thought it might be nice if we posted up our histories of how we came to be where we are now. It might just be interesting to see how much common ground most of us have. Please post these details either in a new message if you are a member of ANA ANGELS - or else pop it in the free-for-all BUDDY LIST.

Do you have a GENETIC PREDISPOSITION? Do ED's run in your family?
Did you have a stereotypical 'anorexic family' growing up? That is negative, where parents were interfering and overprotective and where expectations were unusually high to achieve and succeed? Did you avoid conflict with your family? One parent overbearing while the other was quite passive? Family rules so strong it was difficult to express your individuality?
Were you subjected to abuse - whether of a sexual, physical or emotional nature?
Did your ED start due to adolescent crisis?Were you stopped from taking risks at this age and was your homelife unstable at this time?
Did it start out as a desire to conform to the social desire to be slim?
Was it a part of searching for autonomy?
Did you inherit low self esteem from parents who feel that way about themselves?
Did it start around the time of a period of separation or loss?

Just thought it would be nice to share. I fall into almost every category and it's actually of some kind of comfort to know I'm just a textbook anorexic as opposed to being the freak I always felt like growing up. The person is inside my head, that is me. But 'the body' I am trapped in just makes me sick.
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[25 Jul 2003|07:10am]

[ mood | hot ]

anyone have any funny purging stories?

i once had a bean come out of my nose! ack...
i thought i was such a through chewer but ive purged so many whole foods its alarming...

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[10 Jun 2003|06:24pm]
Never lend your tupperware to a Bulimic.
They always forget to give it back.
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warning-offensive humor ahead [08 Jun 2003|04:48am]
*ahem* (to the tune of superfreak by rick james)
She's a very anxious girl
the kind you don't leave alone to fret
She gets very nervous and hungry
and eats until nothing is left

She likes to shop in the grocery store
She says Kroger's is her all time favorite
She steals her boyfriend's and her mother's credit card
because hers is behind on payments

That girl is pretty loud now
because she is a super bulimic
She throws up until she gets it all out
because she is a super bulimic
Her parents call her a food hound
because she is a super bulimic
super bulimic, super bulimic, ow

She's a very special girl
thin as audrey but she says food is yummy
she eats and eats
but it doesn't stay in her tummy
Later, She says "doesn't anyone else want pizza?"
She makes for the bathroom when nobody sees her

That girl is pretty loud now
she's a super bulimic
she throws up until she gets it all out
because she is a super bulimic
her parents call her a food hound
because she is a super bulimic
super bulimic, super bulimic, ow
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